Present or Publish

My choice would be to present at a conference. First because, I love scientific conferences, where I always get completely inspired and edified, and presenting, something I have never done, seems like a great way to be even more involved.

My first choice would be the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) conference in Boston next February. I have never attended an AAAS conference but have always wanted to. Their two magazines, Science and Science News have been my close intellectual companions for many decades, and as nerdy as this may be, one of my most extravagant indulgences is to lay in the bathtub for hours and dig through a whole issue of Science. If I only had a couple of things to read it would be Science and the New Yorker. I feel like, between them, one can access 90% of the wisdom of America.

chambered nautilus

But AAAS is likely out of my league, so I think the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) western area conference would be a more likely bet. Their next one for which submissions are open is in Portland in October 2013, but little information is available about it yet. I may try to attend the one in December as they have a Strand titled: Literacy: Communicating and Understanding Science.

I read the recap of their 2011 conference in Seattle, and there were a number of presentations from folks at my level. Plus, when I was attending the University of Washington, I was so bored by the lecture hall courses that I used to skip my classes at the UW and take the bus down to Portland, sleep in the student union and crash the classes at Reed. It was amazing that since I was always engaged and articulate, not one of the professors ever objected to my sitting in on their courses, which were mostly run as small Socratic seminars of a dozen or so students. For someone like me, sitting around a table with a bunch of really smart folks to discuss Kierkegaard and the problem of evil was kind of like spring break in Cancun. Anyway, I really resonate with the thought of making a pilgrimage to Portland to geek out in the grey and wet Northwest


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